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Answers for Health and Human Service Providers

211 Answers, Please!  provides a variety of benefits to participating health and human service providers:

  • Informs callers of all program prerequisites to ensure they meet an agency's eligibility requirements
  • Makes referrals to programs by ward and neighborhood to accommodate each agency's ability to provide services
  • Enables agencies to update current program information and add new programs online
  • Provides advocacy opportunities for funding and grants through the identification of service gaps and unmet needs

Add your Services to 211 Answers, Please!

211 Answers, Please!  specializes in referrals that meet essential health and human needs for food, shelter, financial assistance, and healthcare. Please note that this submission is only a request to offer health and human social services to DC residents, not to apply as a DC government contractor or bidder. 211 Answers, Please! does not automatically accept all submissions.

Provider Eligibility

The following entities are eligible to apply to appear as social service providers if they meet the following criteria:

  • Government or non-profit organizations that provides health and human services to DC residents
  • Licensed or incorporated organizations or clubs that provide free or low-cost health and human services
  • Licensed or incorporated organizations or clubs that fill a service gap not met by government or non-profits
  • Licensed individuals in private practice or for-profit businesses who provide free or low-cost health and human services
  • Licensed individuals in private practice or for-profit businesses who fill a service gap not met by government, non-profits, professional organizations, clubs, support groups, or other licensed/incorporated organizations

Submit a Request

To submit a request to list your health and human social service agency and its programs on 211 Answers, Please! use the directions below to complete and submit the Health and Human Social Service Provider Submission form  online.  Complete the information in Part I on the agency or parent organization.  Complete and submit a separate form for each separate program that your agency or organization operates. 

If you need assistance with the application as a new health and human social services provider, you may contact 211 Answers, Please! by email.

Update Existing Program Information

Note:  Only those with authorized email access can make changes to iCarol records.  If your iCarol contact person or email address has changed, you may contact 211 Answers, Please! by email.

As a current health and human service provider you may update your organization’s information online within the iCarol system. To update the program information, search for the program name and click the iCarol "Email a verification request" link at the bottom of the page.  

iCarol will send you an email with a link to update your data. When you receive the email, you'll see a link inside the email which you can click on. It will bring you to a secure web page where you can then make change requests.

iCarol notifies you through the email address associated with your health and human services resource.  If you anticipate an email address change please update your account. 

211 Answers, Please! is a member of the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) - a credentialing authority operating an Accreditation Program that measures an organization’s ability to meet the AIRS Standards, and a Certification Program that evaluates the competence of Information and Referral practitioners.